Rady's Center for Executive Development Provides Assessment to Local Companies to Identify & Develop Leaders

The Rady Center for Executive Development (CED) regularly offers custom Center for Leadership Assessment (CLA) programs to suit the needs of specific organizations and their leadership teams by identifying and improving upon skills and capabilities in a challenging environment. These takeaways are now available to individuals as well through CED's open-enrollment CLA program, which is scheduled to take place May 13, 2015.

The open-enrollment CLA program enables participants from multiple organizations to interact with and learn from each other and is ideal for organizations that wish to provide assessment and training to select members of their director-level leadership team.

The open-enrollment CLA program has three phases. First, participants complete online assessments prior to the program start date. Then, participants attend a one-day program of exercises, feedback and networking opportunities. In the third and final phase, participants receive in-person feedback at the center and both the individual and their organization receive a report on quantitative and qualitative feedback on participants' performance and competencies. The result is a process that will build upon itself year after year.

"Participants in the CLA are often surprised at how rich the feedback is and how fulfilling the experience is overall," said program facilitator Joanie Connell. "They enter the center not knowing exactly what to expect and leave with a deeper understanding of themselves. Helping participants understand themselves in the context of their career development is an extremely rewarding experience."

At a time when organizations have limited resources for identifying and developing their talent pipeline, the open-enrollment CLA program provides the greatest return on investment by providing specific, actionable evaluations and feedback through developmental activities that can be targeted to skills that will make the greatest difference in the success of both the individual and the organization.

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