CED Celebrates Graduates of Elevate's Strategic Leader Certificate Program


Last month, thirty professionals earned an Elevate Strategic Leader Certificate through the Rady School of Management Center for Executive Education’s (CED) series in conjunction with their partner, Spectrum Knowledge. At the event, Managing Partner at Spectrum Knowledge Dr. Vu Pham described the Elevate series as “a movement in leadership training.”

The  graduates each dedicated roughly 50 hours outside their regular work hours to complete their classes in order to gain valuable leadership, innovative and strategic thinking skills. One recent graduate, Ping Gordo, is already experiencing the benefits of the program in both his personal and professional life. Gordo described himself as a guy who “used to just sit back and let others lead.” But, as a result of the Elevate Strategic Leadership series, Gordo decided to take the initiative to run for President of the Northrop Grumman Recreational Council (NGRC) and won. Gordo says one takeaway that really stayed with him from the series is that “force multipliers really work; I’m applying it now and will expand it into other areas [and use it to] guide me as the new President of the NGRC.”

Elevate has strong ties to the Aerospace industry, notably Boeing and Northrop Grumman, and is currently building relationships with the hotel and hospital industries for future expansion. CED’s Elevate program has three different leadership series that run in cycles at various locations: The Augmented Leader (verbal and nonverbal communication), The Innovative Leader (internal innovation, change and conflict) and The Strategic Leader (strategic thinking for individuals and office politics). These series are designed to emphasize three core areas that prove necessary for successful talent and organizational development within a global context. Spectrum Knowledge is in the process of developing a fourth series, scheduled to launch in spring 2017 and an “Excellence in Achievement Certificate” for people who complete all four leadership series.

In the meantime, CED hopes to continue the momentum Elevate built up last year. 2014, in particular, marked a year of tremendous growth for CED’s Elevate series, adding classes at six new locations since last fall. “Because of the popularity of the classes, word has been spreading throughout the various industries…Fall 2015 looks even busier!” stated CED Program Manager Nancy Peritz.

Close ties like Director of Engineering in the Northrop Grumman Communications Division Larry Stullich echo Peritz’s excitement for what looks like a bright future for Elevate stating, “I think this is a great program and I am very interested in keeping the momentum going.”

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