Center for Executive Development Offers Unique Leadership Program for Science and Technology Managers


In science and technology-driven industries, the levers of competitive advantage continuously shift. Products and services that are cutting-edge today become obsolete in short-order. Competitive forces keep pushing companies to constantly seek new innovations that can be brought to market in a timely and effective way. In such a dynamic environment, having the appropriately skilled leadership can make the difference between success and failure.

It is vital for companies to develop their technology & scientific managers to a level of superior performance. The Rady School Center for Executive Development’s (CED) Leadership Development Program for Science and Technology management (LDP-STM) provides the advanced leadership skills, operational discipline and business tools these leaders will require for achieving their ultimate career and company goals.

The LDP-STM program is specifically designed for engineering and scientific research managers with eight to 10 years of work experience and who are currently or about to be promoted to a leadership position. This, combined with the Rady School’s strong emphasis on innovation and collaboration in the fields of science, technology and business, makes the LDP-STM program a dynamic and highly unique educational experience for technology and scientific leaders.

“In the 15 years I’ve spent in the Science & Technology industry, this was the best program I have attended,” said Naren Malayath, Senior Director of Engineering at Qualcomm. “I learned the basics of marketing, finance and business strategy that as an engineer I never got a chance to learn during my education. I have immediately applied my knowledge and experience to my job and expect to help build a more efficient organization.”

Learn more about CED’s LDP-STM program and how to sign up here. The program is now accepting participants for March and April.

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