Jon Wilensky is Rady Made

In addition to top-notch faculty, entrepreneurial-focused curriculum and an impressive repertoire of successful alumni, current students at the Rady School of Management are worthy of recognition for their hard work and dedication to innovation.

To celebrate the accomplishments of Rady School students, a contest was launched to recognize what it means to be Rady Made.

Students were asked to submit a 100-250 word statement on what it means to be Rady Made and why they are proud to be Rady Made.

Fifteen all-star students submitted their stories, and a committee of Rady faculty and Dean Sullivan reviewed the submissions. So, the winner of the Student Celebrity Contest is …

Jon Wilensky!

Wilensky, a board certified plastic surgeon, is an exemplary example of what it means to be Rady Made. He earned his MD degree at the age of 24 and was accepted into the plastic surgery residency program at the University of Michigan.

Currently, Wilensky is Clinical Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery at the UC San Diego Health System, where he is interested in the world of implantable biotechnology and cellular therapeutics. In addition to his full-time career, Wilensky and his startup partner, Ryan Ruehl (MBA ’17) developed Braykion, a company that developed a system designed to reduce the spread of preventable infections in health care settings.

Winning submission

“My #RadyMade experience thus far has profoundly impacted my life. To begin, the program has augmented hand-in-hand my experiences as a technical consultant and member of the Medical Advisory Board for the two San Diego biotechnology companies where I lead clinical trials. Having a deep fundamental working knowledge of all of the core aspects of business makes me more effective.

As a Rady student, I have taken advantage of every opportunity afforded me. One example is the US-Israel Center (USIC) Israel Immersion experience in the Fall 2015/Winter 2016. This was much more than a trip to Israel for me. I have built multiple sustainable personal and professional relationships in the implantable biotechnology sector.

I co-founded a #RadyMade digital health technology startup, Braykion, which completed the StartR accelerator. The ability to launch Braykion as a Rady School MBA candidate and apply the knowledge and skills gained in the classroom is priceless.

As a Rady Student Ambassador, I have shared the Rady message demonstrably. Namely, that the Rady School is the go-to institution for MBA candidates in the fields of science, technology, and engineering.

I embody everything that the Rady School envisions for its FlexMBA candidates, and what it means to be #RadyMade. I have had the academic discipline to proceed through the program while managing a full-time surgical practice, running two groundbreaking implantable medical device trials, leading a new startup, and maintaining a solid family/home balance with my wife of 14 years and two daughters.”

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