Rady Marketing Club ("RadyMAC")


President - Josh Daulton (FT17)
VP of Finance - Huimei (Celine) Li (FT17)
Board Member - Jinxi Li (FT17)
Board Member - Shinichiro (Shawn) Okazakoi (FT17)


The Rady Marketing Club ("Marketing Club") was founded in 2014 with a goal to provide Rady students various opportunities in the field of marketing. This club is a forum to discuss and present marketing trends, networking opportunities, and career-related events. We also act as a resource for Rady, and the broader campus community, in their marketing endeavor while also hosting company presentations as well as connecting students with the local San Diego community.

Marketing Club members are:

  • Enthusiastic and Informed of latest marketing trends.
  • Aware of latest news related to the industry.
  • Members of the marketing community through their passion and/or profession.
  • Able to access resources to connect with marketing-centric companies.

Our Mission Statement:

  • Connect Rady School of Management's experienced digital marketers and talented data scientists with businesses, charities, and other organization's throughout California./li>
  • Bring global perspectives to help everyone, from single entrepreneurs with innovative breakthroughs to large businesses looking to expand internationally, succeed in today's fast-paced, data-driven, online economy.
  • Utilize MarketingAnalyticsClub.com to share member's knowledge and attract potential consumers of our services.
  • Connect passionate MBAs and Grad students to projects that help expand their skillset while mutually benefitting the people that use our digital marketing expertise to grow their businesses.

Recent projects include:

  • Hosting guest speakers from marketing-centric companies and organizations
  • Provide networking-oriented events that foster professional development
  • Working with the Rady community to become an essential marketing resource