FlexWeekend FAQs


Will all of my classes be held on Saturday and Sunday?

The majority of your first-year core classes will be held on Saturday and Sunday but there will be occasions where you will need and want to be on campus for a class during a weeknight. Keep in mind that not all electives are offered in every format, so you may decide to take a weeknight or even daytime class if there is a niche elective you are interested in taking.

If I miss a class can I take the equivalent Flex Evening class?

Possibly. With the program and professor’s permission, you may be able to attend a Flex Weekend class in certain circumstances. However, it is not a practice we encourage or guarantee.

Will there be a hybrid option?

No. You are expected to attend all classes in person.

For fall 2021 only, international students who are unable to obtain an F-1 Visa before the first day of classes can participate in some limited remote coursework. Doing so is an exception made only for visa delays related to COVID-19

Can I switch to the evening program if this schedule does not work for me?

After you have completed the Core Curriculum, you can take electives in the evening, day or weekend.

Will Rady accept credits taken at another MBA Program?

The Rady School usually formally reviews transfer credits or course waiver requests after you have matriculated, and your designated academic program advisor will help you submit the request within four weeks of matriculation. All students will still need to fulfill the 92 credit requirement to graduate.


Food & Logistics

My commute to UC San Diego requires me to stay overnight. Do you recommend a hotel or is there a place to stay on campus?

UCSD does not offer short term housing but there is reasonably priced lodging in one of the many nearby hotels:

Where can I buy lunch on the UCSD campus?

While you may decide to bring your own lunch, we do offer a boxed lunch for our FlexMBA students on the weekends. We encourage students to bring a refillable water bottle as there are options to refill on the premises.

You may also choose to eat on campus.

Can I get reimbursed if I don’t eat lunch?

No. Meals are a courtesy provided by the Rady School.

Where else can I eat on campus?

Those within walking distance include of the Rady School include:

Can I eat in the classroom?

No, but you can bring water (only) into the classroom.

Where can I park?

UCSD requires a parking pass. Graduate students are eligible for the type “B” parking pass. Your best option is to purchase a day pass unless you plan on being on campus often. See available lots, maps and purchase your pass at the UC San Diego’s Transportation Services Site.


Where can I find a breakdown of all fees and tuition?

You can find the Flex MBA tuition and fee breakdown on your TritonLink page.

Are there any scholarships that I can apply to during the program?

The Rady Fellowship Committee awards fellowships at the time of admission.

As an enrolled student, if there is a sudden and unforeseen change in your financial situation, you may be eligible for emergency funds or consider a leave of absence. Please talk to your graduate student advisor for more information.

We encourage students to seek external scholarships and to speak with their employer’s human resources department about tuition remission benefits.