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Study Abroad UC San Diego has been developing more online resources to better assist our students remotely. The Study Abroad Office now offers recorded advising webinars targeting both disciplines and location, and hosts weekly live First Steps info sessions as well. Visit their Advising Services page for more information on these resources.


How to request a Study Abroad Course fulfill a Rady Program Requirement


Prior to meeting with a Rady Advisor:

  • Meet with an advisor at the Study Abroad Office at UC San Diego
  • Research where and when you will go
  • Review the information pertaining to your major and minor programs 
  • Review the UCEAP Course Catalog and the website of your host university and look at course offerings
  • Begin your Academic Planning Form and collect course syllabi for the courses that you are planning to take.
  • Meet with your Major advisor - Major advisor signature must be present before a Rady Advisor will review the form. 


Obtain pre-approval:

  • If you are planning on taking MGT 4 elsewhere please contact Econ for approval.
  • Students may obtain pre-approval for a course that will be taken abroad. When providing the UCEAP Academic Planning Form to a Rady Advisor, the students must also provide the current course description and course syllabus unless the course is listed on the Rady Study Abroad Equivalency page with pre-approved classes. The Rady Advisor will review the course and determine if the course can be pre-approved to fulfill Rady program credit. 
  • Pre-approval is preliminary approval and does not guarantee the course will be accepted upon the student's return. Pre-approval allows for expedited review once the student has returned and has formally submitted a student petition for review. 
Students can find a list of previously approved study abroad courses on our Rady Study Abroad Equivalency page.


Travel abroad:   

  • Make sure you take the class for a letter grade.
  • Contact us if the class is required as a prerequisite for another class.
  • Make sure you request it transferred to your UCSD Academic History as soon as you finish your quarter.


Final approval:

  • Make sure your grades appear on your UCSD academic history with a passing letter grade.
  • Make sure that you have declared the Rady minor.
  • Submit a petition to the Rady Advising office with the course syllabus attached and which minor requirements you would like fulfilled. If your course obtained pre-approval, please notate this in the student petition. 
  • Please allow 3-5 business days for your audit to be adjusted. Final approval is contingent on the class transfer and the expectations of pre-approval.

Important Reminders:
  • Students can apply a maximum of two transfer classes toward the minor; this includes community college, external university, and study abroad courses. 
  • For the Business Economics major, a maximum of one MGT course and one ECON course can be taken abroad and applied to the degree audit.
  • Core minor courses taken abroad must be found directly equivalent to UCSD courses. 
  • MGT 112, MGT 121A and MGT 121B must be taken at UCSD, no exceptions. 
  • Elective courses taken abroad do not need to be identical to courses offered at Rady, but may not be introductory in nature.
  • Courses must transfer to UCSD as upper-division with a minimum of 4 quarter units, and taken for a letter grade.

Study Abroad Opportunities 

Rady students can greatly benefit from study abroad opportunities. There are many options available to UC San Diego students, from summer study to year-long programs.

University of California’s Education Abroad Program (EAP)—a UC-run study abroad program, with programs in over 40 countries. You remain at active UC San Diego student and earn UC credits. Each course is transferred back to UCSD and appear on your academic history, and letter grades are calculated in your UC San Diego GPA. All financial aid and scholarships transfer.

Opportunities Abroad Program (OAP)—this a partner program within UC Study Abroad office that utilizes an independent study abroad provider. OAP also provides internship, work and teaching opportunities for students. Students are not enrolled at UC San Diego while abroad, however, students may still earn transfer credit for courses taken abroad, but grades are not calculated in the UC San Diego GPA. Not all OAP programs give letter grades, so students pursuing minor credit should research if the institution issuing the transcript will report P/ NP or letter grades. Federal and state financial aid transfer, but campus-based aid does not. Some scholarships are available from study–abroad providers.

Global Seminars (GS)—5-week summer programs led by UC San Diego faculty in different locations around the world. You register for two 4-unit UC San Diego classes taught in English and receive UC credit.

Find more information and a calendar of upcoming events on the UC San Diego Study Abroad website.


Can I afford to Study Abroad?

UC San Diego students receive approximately $650,000 annually in study–abroad scholarships. The Study Abroad UC San Diego office provides extensive information on funding and can assist you in applying for scholarships.

Learn more about Financing Your Experience.


How do I get started?

Visit the UC San Diego Study Abroad website and follow the First Steps guide.