John Lin. Ph.D., MBA

John Lin

Full-Time 2009
Industry: Life Sciences
Current Position: Principal, The Boston Consulting Group

John's Rady Experience

I decided to pursue an MBA at Rady because I wanted to get involved with biotech startups and make connections with people of similar interests in that community. My Rady MBA ended up not only connecting me to the San Diego biotech community but also an excellent mentor. These allowed me to gain opportunities that led me to China and consulting, and provided a mindset that helped me to excel. For example, Rady's Lab to Market course series trained me to think holistically about starting a company and at a different level of perspectives.

Since graduating from Rady, I became a CFO of a Cancer diagnostics startup in San Diego while doing independent consulting. I left the US in 2011 to come to China and started my career in management consulting. I recently joined BCG as principal of the life sciences sector. In this role, I use the leadership training and broader set of communication skills I learned at Rady to sell projects to bring in revenue and manage project teams for delivery to add value to clients.

My advice for other Rady students is to step beyond the classroom, as I did, and get involved helping San Diego companies through independent studies to gain first hand experience and apply what you learn in the classroom.

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