Business Related Majors

Rady Undergraduate Programs collaborates with departments on campus to offer business related majors to undergraduate students. This collaboration allows students to incorporate business concepts and practices to their major by adding management courses to their program curriculum. Students who are enrolled in a business related major should contact the home department to obtain information about major declaration and requirements. 


Business Related Majors

International Studies - International Business
International Business is the study and application of business methods and theories in an international context. International Studies– International Business students will develop their business skills and their cultural and linguistic understandings of other countries that are essential in the Age of Globalization. Please contact the International Studies Program if you are interested in this major. Students majoring in IS International Business may not complete the Rady School of Management minors in business and entrepreneurship and innovation. IS International Business majors may declare the Rady minor in accounting and supply chain.

 Business Psychology
The Business Psychology major is designed to train students to apply psychological principles to the workplace and to organizational challenges and opportunities therein. Please contact the Psychology Department if you are interested in this major. Students majoring in Business Psychology may not complete the Rady School of Management minors in business. Business psychology majors may declare the Rady minor in entrepreneurship and innovation, accounting and supply chain. 

Business Economics
(Starting Fall 2021)
The Business Economics major is a collaborative, interdisciplinary degree program between Rady School and the Department of Economics.  This major will train students to operate within firms and to understand how firms operate within markets. For more information on this program, please visit the Rady School webpage or the Economics Department webpage

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