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Who We Are

The Beyster Institute at UC San Diego’s Rady School of Management works to advance the understanding and practice of employee ownership as an effective and responsible business model.

We focus on education, research, and consulting to promote employee ownership and the creation of effective ownership cultures.

We serve companies interested in the employee ownership business strategy, business owners looking to transition out of their companies, and professional advisers who want to better serve their clients by gaining employee ownership knowledge.

Our History

Dr. J. Robert Beyster
Photo credit: Eric Millette
The work of the Beyster Institute began in 1986 when, as part of the Foundation for Enterprise Development, it took on the commission to spread the visionary ideas of Dr. J. Robert Beyster, the founder of SAIC. These ideas have led to the development of many highly successful enterprises based on the potent combination of employee ownership and entrepreneurial spirit.
Dr. Beyster founded SAIC in 1969, and by the time he retired from the company in 2004 it had grown to Fortune 500® size, with more than 40,000 employees and annual revenues approaching $8 billion. Dr. Beyster firmly believed that the methods used to develop SAIC – employee ownership, shared entrepreneurship and participation – can make a real difference in the success of an enterprise and in the economic lives of people everywhere. From the very beginning, Dr. Beyster rewarded the performance of employees with stock ownership. As SAIC grew, Dr. Beyster fought to preserve the values that had made the early SAIC successful – not only employee ownership and entrepreneurship, but a flexible and decentralized organization structure, technical excellence, high standards of ethical conduct, and a firm belief in customer service.
Dr. Beyster retired from the company in 2004. In conjunction with his retirement, the Beyster Institute joined the Rady School of Management at the University of California, San Diego, a leading professional school within one of the top-ranked institutions in the U.S. for higher education and research.  Dr. Beyster passed away at his home in La Jolla on Dec. 22, 2014, leaving behind a legacy that continues to have a lasting impact on people, businesses, and communities across the face of our nation and around the globe.

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Our Team

Kim Blaugher Headshot

Kim Blaugher 
Executive Director

Kim has over 30 years of experience in his areas of expertise ESOPs and equity compensation plans.  He uses his income tax and accounting background to help companies determine the feasibility of an ESOP, forecast repurchase obligations, and craft ESOP transactions designed to address each client’s unique needs and objectives.  Prior to joining the Beyster Institute, he was a vice president of ESOP consulting at Principal Financial Group.  Kim also led the ESOP practice at Mercer Company and has worked at RSM US LLP, and KPMG. Kim holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Earlham College and a Master of Taxation degree from the University of Denver.  He passed the CPA exam in 1985.  





Jennifer (Jen) Briggs
Senior Strategic Consultant

Jennifer Briggs brings over two decades of practice in human resources, organizational development, and executive leadership from various industries. She served as VP of Human Resources with New Belgium Brewing for over 12 years creating a winning 'best of' workplace and now serves as a contract executive and independent outside director to companies who want to redefine value in a more holistic manner. Building healthy, profitable, democratically managed companies with shared capital ownership is her passion. A mentor once taught her to never let a rule get in the way of making a good decision and she strives to make critical thinking, intention, and agile action her guiding principles. She brings a non-traditional HR viewpoint of relying primarily on values, communication, and community. She holds a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership, graduate studies in Enterprise Project Management, and a Bachelor of Science in Community Health Education.



Tina Xu


Weiyang (Tina) Xu
Employee Ownership Consultant

Tina started as a Graduate Student Associate at the Beyster Institute in 2017. Prior to joining the Beyster Institute, she worked in a Hong Kong investment bank in different roles providing services including operation, trading, financial analysis and planning, valuation, and investment advisory. Tina has a strong background in financial analysis, valuation, and accounting. She received her B.B.A in Finance from Lingnan University, M.Sc. in Financial Services from City University of Hong Kong, and M.B.A from University of California San Diego.





Mauro Canelo
Employee Ownership Consultant

Mauro joined the Beyster Institute in 2017 as a Graduate Student Associate.  Prior to joining the Beyster Institute, he worked in the controlling area of an investment bank, and in operations for offshore funds.  He has substantial experience in financial modeling in the areas of controlling, accounting, financial forecast, valuation, and financial reporting.  Mauro received his B.A. in Economics and Finance from the Faculdades Ibmec in Rio de Janeiro and his MBA from the University of California San Diego.





Aparimit Phophalia
Employee Ownership Consultant

Aparimit started as a Graduate Student Associate at the Beyster Institute in 2019. Prior to joining the Beyster Institute, Aparimit worked in a Big 4 audit firm as Audit Senior Assistant providing assurance services to real estate clients in the Midwest and South. Aparimit has a strong background in valuation, financial accounting, and quantitative risk management. He has a Chartered Accountant (equivalent to the US CPA) qualification from India, a bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Rajasthan, and a Masters in Finance from the University of California San Diego.




C Nunez

Courtney Nuñez
Office Administrator

Courtney handles all administrative duties for the institute, including managing our academic programming and marketing communications efforts. She brings a background in cultural studies and a passion for economic equity and diversity to the Beyster Institute team. She has a Master of Arts degree in Cultural Studies from Claremont Graduate University and is currently working on her MBA at Rady School of Management. Her goal is to move into the realm of organizational and leadership consulting within the employee ownership space and hopes to bring an intersectional approach to improving employee culture.




Beyster Institute Internships

The Beyster Institute also provides opportunities for high-achieving Rady graduate students to participate in an educational practicum - attending management seminars, working with senior consultants and communications and marketing professionals, and assisting in the development of financial forecast models.