Upcoming Beyster Events

  • Executive Education - Short Courses: Our courses range from one-hour online sessions to intensive three-day seminars, and are tailored to the unique needs of employee-owned companies. Covering everything from technical topics to ownership culture, our offerings are led by expert instructors with real-world experience in employee ownership.
  • Continuing Education for ESOP Professionals: Single topic, two-hour live, virtual workshops that occur on the second Tuesday morning of every month beginning in May. Topics are for ESOP technical professionals and consultants who are interested in diving deep into technical topics. Audience includes ESOP professionals in tax, accounting, law, equity comp, estate planning, third-party administration, trustee services etc.
  • Beyster Institute DIG: Discover, Incent, Grow (Coming Soon!): Monthly interviews with authors and research on current events and critical topics. Topics are geared toward discoveries, incentives, and growth ideas for EO businesses.  Third Thursday of every month in the afternoon/evening (3:30 PM - 4:30 PM PST). Audience includes