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Employee Ownership Management: Learn how to manage your employee-ownership company better  (Onsite Program)

October 14-16, 2019
Program Price $1,595


This management education course has been providing specialized education for ESOP company leaders for more than a decade. The program is designed to help those in key management positions learn how to operate an ESOP effectively while at the same time tapping the powerful upside potential of employee ownership to drive superior business results. This intensive course is designed to provide knowledge and understanding that will enable managers to deal successfully with the unique requirements of the employee ownership environment.  The program covers the full range relevant skills: financial management, strategic planning; marketing; planning for growth; human resource management, employee engagement; and much more.


  • Jennifer Briggs, Organizational Development and HR Executive Consultant
  • Kim Blaugher, Executive Director, the Beyster Institute
  • Thomas Dudley, Principal, Certified Employee Owned
  • John Hoffmire, Cambridge University
  • Martin Staubus, Senior Consultant, Beyster Institute
  • Leah Turnbull, Vice President, J.P. Morgan



Testimonials from past attendees:

“The EO Management course has made me want to get more involved in turning CCS into a company that walks the talk.  Sharing ownership is a fundamental value.  I look forward to working with the Beyster Institute.”  Andrew Barker, director of operations, Commercial Custom Seating & Upholstery

 “It was a great experience to attend the Employee Ownership Management course this week.  Not only did I learn a lot, but I had the opportunity to network and meet some great people.”  Stephanie C. Mills, chief financial officer, Pyramid Precision Machine

 “Excellent experience!  I've met and connected with really sincere, warm, intelligent people here - both staff and participants. Tony, Martin, and John were great facilitators.  There was a good mix of legal detail, culture issues, management issues, lecture, and small group participation. I'm going back with excellent resources and information.” 

 “The program was inspiring and an invaluable investment of my time. I walked away with invaluable info and insight.  All the staff were impressive.”

 “This has been a very informative look at how an ESOP can help to improve the performance of the company. Looking at how to implement leadership attributes and encourage people to participate in the decision process.”

 “I have attended several ESOP conferences over the last four years and thought I had a pretty good understanding of the leadership challenges. This program provided a more in-depth view of the challenges and offered solutions. I thought this was an excellent use of 2 1/2 days and will encourage others in our company to attend.”

 “While many programs on employee ownership cover general concepts, this course is different in that it delivers specific, replicable strategies for business success.  I give this program an A+ and strongly recommend managers attend.” 

Recommended Hotel:

Sheraton Hotel La Jolla--a shuttle will pick you up and drop you off at this hotel only
Please reach out to our contact Mark Kuper for special pricing: (858) 452-4012 and mention that you are with the upcoming program: Beyster Employee Ownership Management.
3299 Holiday Ct, La Jolla, CA 92037

Additional information about the hotel is on their website:

Understanding Accounting for ESOPs: What Every CPA, CFO and Banker Should Know (Online Seminar)

Wed., Oct. 23, 2019
8-9 a.m. PDT
Registration: $45



Adding an ESOP to a company brings some unique new twists to the process of preparing accurate financial statements. How do you record the debt associated with a leveraged ESOP transaction? What is the impact when shares are released for allocation to participants as the acquisition loan is paid down? What is the proper accounting treatment when the company buys back shares from a retiring employee? Get answers to these questions, and more, from one of the nation's leading experts in accounting for ESOP companies.


  • Kim Blaugher, Executive Director, Beyster Institute at the Rady School of Management

Responsibilities of Internal ESOP Fiduciaries (online seminar)

Thur., Jan. 9, 2020
8-9 a.m. PST
Registration: $45



You don't have to pay an institution to manage the operation of your ESOP. Many companies have an internal ESOP committee that determines policy and practice when it comes to ESOP operations. Other companies simply appoint a group of insiders to serve as the trustees of their ESOP. All such insiders - whether committee member or trustee - are "fiduciaries" under ERISA. As such, they bear personal responsibility and liability for their conduct in such roles. Our view? Yes, it is perfectly sound practice for an insider to assume the duties of ESOP fiduciary. But if you take on that role, you need to understand fully what your responsibilities are. Tune in to this session to get a review of the duties of an ESOP fiduciary.


  • Martin Staubus, Senior Consultant, Beyster Institute, UC San Diego

The Certificate Program for Non-Professional ESOP Fiduciaries (Onsite Program)

Feb. 10-12, 2020
Registration: $1,595 (The fee increases to $1,795 after 1/1/20)



One of the fundamental resources of the employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) movement is the large group of dedicated, well-intentioned people who agree to serve as trustees or other fiduciaries on behalf of their company's ESOP. If you are one of those dedicated people, you have undoubtedly felt the concern that is inevitable when taking on that sort of responsibility. The Beyster Institute at UCSD has developed a special intensive education program to help relieve some of that concern - the Certificate Program for Non-Professional ESOP Fiduciaries.


  • TBD

See what people are saying about our program:

“Thanks to the entire Beyster team at UCSD!  The course provided the education we all need to be successful and effective ESOP trustees for our companies.  I feel better educated on what is and isn’t our responsibility as trustee.  I feel empowered!”  Ramona Alms, ESOP trustee and CFO, Dini Spheris, Houston, TX

 “I feel hugely more empowered to make decisions that won’t get my company into trouble!  Very much worth the time away from the office.”  Liesl Deck, ESOP trustee and financial controller, GSI Water Solutions, Portland, OR

 “Very useful and thoughtful program.  I appreciate the knowledge, professionalism and wisdom in the room - Wow!”  Jon Fredricks, president, The Welk Group, Inc., Escondido, CA

 “I feel better prepared for my role as ESOP trustee – and nice to know I’ve earned a certificate!”  Deanna Hansen, internal trustee, Environmental Science Associates, Los Angeles, CA

 “I wanted to thank you for a great class.  I really enjoyed it and feel like I walked away smarter and better suited to act as a trustee. ” Ryan Scally, publications manager, Parametrix, Bellevue, WA

 “Thanks Beyster team … you guys rock! And the biggest treat was how great my fellow classmates were!” William Schlichter, CEO and trustee, EMN Defense Systems, San Diego, CA

 “Great course, will recommend to others!” Robert Covay, CFO California Hydronics Corporation, Hayward, CA


Hotels in the area:

Estancia Hotel La Jolla--within walking distance of the program

9700 N Torrey Pines Rd, La Jolla, CA 92037
(855) 430-7503
Sheraton Hotel La Jolla--near campus (2 miles)
3299 Holiday Ct, La Jolla, CA 92037
(858) 453-5500

Getting the Most out of Your ESOP Company Board of Directors (Online Seminar) 

Thur., May 7, 2020
8-9 a.m. PDT
Registration: $45



ESOP company governance rests on the successful collaboration in the efforts of three separate bodies - the ESOP trustees, the board of directors of the company and the management. The board of directors sits at the center of the governance structure appointing as well as answering to the ESOP trustee as shareholder and overseeing the actions of management as the three work together to create value. This webinar is an exploration of the nature of corporate directorship, the criteria necessary for successful service as a director and the processes by which our boards are formed and operate on a practical level. This webinar will be of interest to companies that are beginning to develop an independent board, those with established boards who would like to freshen the board's understanding of the role, and those brave souls who are serving in that capacity. 


Martin Staubus, Senior Consultant, Beyster Institute at the Rady School of Management, UC San Diego