Get Involved

You can help sponsor the PCAM and fund meaningful research. CIOs of pension funds may find becoming a member of our advisory board fulfilling and useful to their fund. Academics may be interested in our calls for proposals and opportunities for conducting PCAM-sponsored research.



PCAM Founders share a deep understanding of the needs of future retirees.  They believe in creating forward-looking sustainable investment strategies. Founders will help PCAM address the top global challenges for retirees by investing in a mechanism for research synergy between academics, influential CIOs, and the broader investment industry.

Through their investment, Founders elevate and drive a global discussion on important investment topics. They are thought leaders interested in amplifying PCAM’s agenda, partnering in helping to create an expedient, efficient, and timely research agenda in perpetuity.

Please contact our managing director Joe Sturtevant at if you are interested in becoming involved.  


CIO Advisory Council Members

PCAM CIO advisory council members play a central role in guiding the research questions that result in funded research.

Benefits to Asset Owners

  • Guide academic research toward topics of importance to asset owners
  • Access to quality independent research on pertinent issues facing asset owners
  • Enable faster adoption of academic research into industry practice
  • Investigate specific topics of interest through the commissioning of high-quality,

independent research

  • Leverage asset owner staff by tackling large, complex projects in a more cost-effective manner than most asset owners can undertake in-house


Academic Participants

Our call for proposals is issued each fall.

Benefits to Academics (PCAM project researchers)

  • Research that provides a meaningful, positive impact on society
  • Financial support for relevant new research
  • Increased ability to fund post-doc scholars and graduate students
  • Venue to present new research and receive feedback from industry experts
  • Access to new and interesting data sets and tools
  • Networking opportunities at industry conferences and events


Industry Advisory Council Members

PCAM industry advisory council members consult with PCAM researchers to offer guidance on producing research that results in implementable outcomes.

Benefits to Asset Managers

  • Early view of research-in-progress through meetings with PCAM researchers aimed at guiding their projects towards implementable outcomes that asset owners can use
  • Attend PCAM annual conference with CIOs and academics and participate in discussions of research projects and other industry issues of interest to the CIOs
  • Support research that has a positive effect on retirement outcomes and society
  • Part of an exclusive ecosystem of asset owner, academic, and asset manager thought leaders

Please contact our managing director Joe Sturtevant at if you are interested in becoming involved.