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Nurture the next generation of founders and technology companies by supporting mystartupXX, an accelerator that encourages diversity in entrepreneurship and is supported 100% by philanthropy.

"I benefited hugely from mystartupXX and it was a perfect fit for what I needed to do."
-Ashley Van Zeeland, Ph.D., MBA ('12)
CTO, Human Longevity, Inc.

The mystartupXX program is a unique accelerator that was created to increase and encourage diversity in entrepreneurship, particularly women. Teams participate in workshops focused on various aspects of launching technology-focused startups. Participants from across the UC San Diego campus receive focused mentoring and meet regularly with advisors to help prepare them for investor meetings.

The mystartupXX program was created to address the lack of participation by women in entrepreneurship programs across campus. The program supports the development of a diverse community of founders to support and network with one another.

Your support helps empower the next generation of technology entrepreneur leaders.

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