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Business is a Science™

At Rady, Data is our Common Language and the Bedrock of All We Do

Whether you’re studying managerial or consumer behavior, finance, forecasting, or innovation, you’ll do it with a quantitative mindset. We show you how to use data to test your assumptions, ask smarter questions, improve business strategies, and challenge conventional wisdom.

“At Rady,  we are not just teaching out of a 20 or 30-year-old textbook - we’re doing the research and creating the knowledge that our students will apply to today’s world and beyond.- Dean Lisa Ordóñez
Message from Dean Lisa Ordonez


Learn more about Dean Ordóñez and what she’s looking forward to in the years ahead, her focus on EDI and her excitement over the real-world impact of Rady faculty research.

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About Rady

As the business school of UC San Diego, we believe in the power of rigorous discovery. Our STEM-designated programs are intensely hands-on, innovation-focused, and inspired by the cutting-edge research of our faculty.

Uc San Diego's Business School

About the Rady School of Management

Career Impact & Outcomes

The skills taught at the Rady School are in demand by top employers.

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Student Experience

As a student, you will develop the analytical and leadership skills to build the bridges between data, science, and business.

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Partnership with San Diego

San Diego has business opportunities found nowhere else (plus ocean views and 300 days of sunshine).

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Diversity and Inclusion

At the Rady School, we acknowledge that equality and equity are not the same. We are committed to removing systemic barriers that impede equity and providing opportunities for all to succeed and thrive.

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Rady News

Agent Handing Over Keys as Buyer is Handing Over Cash for House with Home and For Sale Real Estate Sign Behind.

All-Cash Home Buyers Pay 10% Less than Mortgage Buyers

Reducing the friction between mortgage buyers and sellers could go a long way in promoting home ownership, according to new UC San Diego Rady School of Management research

April 2, 2024

"Silhouette vector of workers, a man climbs the career ladder instead of a woman. The concept of gender inequality and discrimination against women in their careers

Closing Gender Gaps in Career Advancement

Elizabeth Campbell, assistant professor of management at UC San Diego’s Rady School of Management, discusses the state of gender equity at work

March 21, 2024

Woman holding weight

Having Self-Control Leads to Power

New research from UC San Diego’s Rady School of Management reveals that people see those who have more self-control as powerful and want to give them power

February 27, 2024

Striking workers

Unions Push Companies to Reduce Risky Debt, Help Safeguard US Workers

Stronger unions can improve the economy’s financial stability, finds new research from UC San Diego’s Rady School of Management

October 17, 2023

Classroom at the Rady School of Management

Rady School Leverages AI to Prepare Next Generation of Business Data Scientists

The school provides students with Generative AI understanding and experience so they can use the technology effectively and give their organizations a head start

October 10, 2023

Fed’s Goal to Cut Inflation to 2% Risks Recession

Fed’s Goal to Cut Inflation to 2% Risks Recession

UC San Diego Rady School of Management study predicts interest rates could remain higher for longer than anticipated

August 15, 2023