Faculty Showcase

Challenging Societal Norms Through Impactful Research

We proudly celebrate our highly accomplished faculty and among them, those recently appointed to endowed chairs—highly honored academic positions attracting and supporting distinguished faculty. The individuals holding these esteemed positions inspire our academic community. They continue innovating, experimenting, and discovering through their research, teaching, and mentorship. These scholars push the boundaries of human understanding; they educate the students beyond the norm by growing the next generation of innovative and socially responsible leaders who, like them, bring out the best in all of us. Read on to discover the work (and lives) of the endowed chair-holders at the Rady School of Management.

Allan Timmermann | Rady School of Management |Faculty Showcase  Ayelet Gneezy | Rady School of Management |Faculty Showcase

Hyoduk Shin  Joey Engelberg | Rady School of Management |Faculty Showcase

On Amir | Rady School of Management | Faculty Showcase  Terrence August | Rady School of Management |Faculty Showcase