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Admissions Online Master Class

This series of online courses featuring Rady faculty on different topics and subjects, allows you to experience what it’s like to be a student at Rady and covers everything from marketing to business communications to our signature capstone, Lab to Market.

Analytics and the Evolution of Retail Analytics

Join the Full-Time MSBA Executive Director, the Admissions Advisor, and Rady Professor Hyoduk Shin for a virtual information session on the UC San Diego Full-Time MSBA program. A brief overview of the program will be followed by a 30-minute Master Class with Professor Hyoduk Shin who will discuss how analytics can help improve the retail business/economics from an historical perspective. Q&A to follow. This session is geared toward undergraduate students exploring graduate business school; all are welcome to attend.

SUPPLY CHAIN: Supply chain management with Professor Hyoduk Shin

In the final class of the Rady School of Management MBA Admissions Online Master Class series, Hyoduk Shin, associate professor of innovation, information technology and operations at Rady, will discuss the impact that supply chains have had on the retail industry. Specifically, he will examine how Amazon changed the retailing of books, diapers, and everything else, why Amazon started building small retail stores, and what happened to Blockbuster video rentals and the motion picture industry. Professor Shin has won multiple awards for his papers and teachings in supply chain management, including the best paper award of Conference on Information Systems and Technology in 2012 and the Management Science Meritorious Service Award and Lieberman Fellowship from Stanford University in 2011. He is also the Jimmy Anklesaria Presidential Chair in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Rady.

MARKETING: How to Be Good at Marketing with Professor Ken Wilbur

Great marketing requires both sides of your brain. In this MBA master class taught by esteemed UCSD Professor Kenneth C. Wilbur, we will talk about the specific skills needed to become an expert marketer, why they're important, and how to develop them. Kenneth Wilbur serves as Professor of Marketing and Analytics and the Sheryl and Harvey White Chair in Management at UCSD. He was named a Marketing Science Institute Scholar in 2018, a distinction described as "among the most prominent marketing scholars in the world." Learn from one of the best and discover what it’s like to be a full-time MBA student at Rady during this interactive class.

EXECUTIVE PRESENCE with Professor Todd Salovey

Experience a master class taught by one of UC San Diego's prestigious faculty members. Todd Salovey teaches in the Theater & Dance department and at the Rady School of Management. His teaching focuses on management communications and in his classes, students learn strategies to establish competence, build trust, motivate and inspire, and achieve commitment to action.  In this master class, explore the importance of executive presence and experience what it means to be a Rady MBA student.

FINANCE: Political Partisanship and the Stock Market: Evidence From COVID-19 with Professor William Mullins

Should political beliefs matter for stock market investing? Normally no. But during the COVID-19 crisis, a new pattern emerged. Join us for an MBA master class led by Rady assistant professor of finance William Mullins about how investors' political identities — rather than information about firms — are informing their beliefs about the stock market. Professor Mullins is an award-winning faculty member and former advisor to the Minister of Finance of Chile, and his research has been published in the Journal of Financial Economics and the Review of Asset Pricing Studies. In this class, he will explore a recent study that showed partisan Republicans were substantially more optimistic about the stock market than other investors during 2020's COVID-19 outbreak, but became more pessimistic about Chinese stocks. The partisan disagreement also explains 20% of the huge rise in stock market trading during the first half of 2020.

LAB TO MARKET: Rady’s Signature Capstone with Professor Amy Nguyen-Chyung

Lab to Market is the signature course series of the Rady MBA program where students learn to create new ideas, evaluate business models to implement their ideas, and evolve those ideas into viable market opportunities. During this MBA master class, Amy Nguyen-Chyung, visiting assistant professor and curriculum developer for Lab to Market, will explain what this intensive and integrative program entails and give you a glimpse of some of the final products students have developed as a result. Prior to Rady, Professor Nguyen-Chyung worked in management consulting and international finance, with clients ranging from Microsoft to Starbucks, and authored an award-winning case on Amazon in Emerging Markets.