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Program FAQs

Application Requirements

Can I submit my application before taking the GMAT/GRE?

Yes. Under the GMAT/GRE section on the application indicate when you are scheduled to take the exam. We will assemble your application and do a preliminary review while waiting for the results. No admission decision will be made until we have your GMAT/GRE scores and your application is complete.

Do I need to submit a translated copy of my transcript?

Official academic records must be issued in the language of instruction and accompanied by official English translations. Acceptable documentation includes:

  • Originals issued by the university bearing the original stamp or seal and the signature of the authorized official.
  • Official copies issued by the degree granting university bearing the stamp or seal and signature of the authorized official.
  • Official literal (word-for-word) English translations issued by the degree-granting institution or official authorized translation services.

Is the calculus prerequisite needed prior to applying?

The calculus prerequisite is not a requirement for an admission decision. Admitted students who have not satisfied a year of calculus with a B or better will be provided options on how to fulfill the calculus prerequisite before the start of the MBA program in September.

Who should my recommendation be from?

Recommendations should generally be from your professional network — someone who knows you well enough to provide us with insight regarding your professional qualifications and potential for contribution. The most effective recommenders are those willing to speak on your behalf and supplement the application materials. Two recommendations are required; both do not need to be from your place of employment.

I am enrolled in another MBA program – can I transfer to the Rady MBA program?

There is no automatic transfer to the Rady MBA. You must submit an application for admission consideration. Any transfer of credits would be on a case-by-case basis and generally, only a limited number of electives would be considered.

Program Eligibility

My bachelor's degree is from a 3-year program, am I still eligible to apply?

Equivalency of a four-year U.S. bachelor’s degree is required. Thirty-six consecutive units of post-graduate, college-level courses taken prior to applying may fulfill the four-year requirement. Courses may be non-degree work.

I will complete my bachelor’s degree in the spring and will not have any professional work experience. Will you consider my application for admission to the Part–Time MBA?

We don’t require a minimum number of years of work experience. Each year we admit a small number of students directly from undergraduate or graduate studies without work experience. We will want to understand why now is the right time for you to pursue an MBA degree. Several factors are considered to determine your contribution to the class — teamwork, leadership potential, excellent academic records, possible undergraduate internships, community work, extracurricular activities, etc.

Do I need a business background to apply to the program?

It is not necessary to have business coursework prior to entering the MBA program — we are looking for a very diverse class. Majors have included computer science, engineering, chemistry, biology, sociology, literature, philosophy, political science, etc.

What is the minimum GMAT score for the Rady MBA program?

There is no minimum requirement; however, the average GMAT scores have been in the high 600s for the Full-Time MBA program. Details can be found in the class profile under your program of interest. GMAT scores are good predictors of how well students will do in the required core classes, and strong scores may serve to balance lower undergraduate academic performance. GMAT scores in one sitting are evaluated, not averaged from multiple sittings.

Does the Rady School accept students with advanced degrees?

The Rady School welcomes applications from individuals who have already completed advanced study in science, engineering, medicine and technology. Deep knowledge of a scientific or technical field can, in combination with a rigorous MBA education focused on innovation, provide you with a launching pad for an exceptional career. Our student body, in both Full-Time and FlexMBA programs, includes unusually high numbers of people with advanced degrees. Please contact the Rady Graduate Admissions Office.

Does the Rady School view military service as relevant work experience?

Yes, the admissions team recognizes the valuable leadership skills that applicants with military service can bring to the Rady School. Members of the military and veterans are strongly encouraged to apply. Please visit our Military section for more information. If you are interested in speaking to a current student or alumni with a military background, this can be arranged through the Rady Graduate Admissions Office.

Are there minimum requirements for language exams for international students?

There are mandatory minimum scores that are required by the UC San Diego’s Graduate Division. The university-wide minimum TOEFL score required for consideration for graduate admission is 550 for the paper based test (PBT), and 80 for the internet based test (iBT).

The university-wide minimum IELTS Academic Training exam score required for consideration for graduate admission is Band Score 7.

The minimum PTE Academic score required for graduate admission is Overall Score: 65.