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Professor Peterson

Capstone Project

Accountants build trust and confidence in capital markets all over the world. For your Capstone Project, you will learn how to support decision-makers in navigating the complex demands of a growing number of stakeholders and will combine the knowledge gained through your studies with real-world application. 

Supervised by a faculty member, you will work side-by-side with leaders of small start-ups, government agencies, corporations, or professional services organizations. The topic chosen by you and your team will fall under one of four strategic themes that boards have high on their agenda. 

Our past Capstones have focused on Digital Transformation, Creating More Resilient Business Enterprises and this year on Creating a Sustainable Future. You will choose your Capstone based on the most pressing business and societal issues of the day.

Finally, your Capstone Project will culminate in your presentation at our annual MPAc Conference.