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More than 300 Graduate from Rady School of Management


As the school year comes to a close at UC San Diego, another fantastic group of students crossed the commencement stage, earning Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Finance (MFin), Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) and Ph.D. degrees.

Rady School Dean Robert Sullivan kicked off the momentous occasion by welcoming everyone to the event and honoring the friends and family present who helped support the graduates on their path to pursuing higher education.

“Today is a day of recognition and celebration,” Dean Sullivan said. “First I would like all of us – especially today’s graduates – to recognize the commitment, sacrifice, and hard work of the families and friends of today’s graduates. You’ve helped make this day possible! Congratulations to you, the family and friends.”

The largest graduating class of 2018 was the MFin cohort with 136 graduates. The MBA cohorts graduated 127 students and the MSBA cohort graduated 54 students. This year, there were also two students who received Ph.D.s in Philosophy Management.

Before degrees were conferred to the graduates, Rafael Pastor – a celebrated force in executive leadership – delivered the keynote address to the graduates and attendees.

Graduates of the MBA program will head to companies such as Booz Allen Hamilton, General Motors and Dexcom. Master of Science in Business Analytics graduates earned positions at stellar companies, including 21st Century Fox, Qualcomm and Expedia. Master of Finance graduates found success with leading organizations, earning jobs at Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, Encore Capital and Guided Choice.

In addition to joining prestigious companies, many graduates have found success launching their own startups. From breweries to medical devices to a product that brews the perfect cup of coffee on the go, graduates embracing the entrepreneurial skills learned at the Rady School are choosing to pursue their startups full-time after graduation.

George Bryan Cornwall, a graduate of the FlexWeekend MBA Class of 2018 was selected to give the student commencement address. In his speech, Cornwall celebrated the achievements of his cohort and lauded the Rady School for its commitment to honoring its mission statement.

“We have all emerged from this experience at the Rady School with new skills and new perspectives,” he said. “We also have a broader, extensive and growing family that we are part of. One of the most important factors was the chance to interact with an elite cohort of people. People I would be proud to call colleagues and comrades.”

An accomplished alum in the financial sector was invited to give the alumni address. Bosco Lujan (MBA ’12), a Vice President at Morgan Stanley, welcomed the newest graduating cohorts to the robust Rady School alumni network.

“You didn’t just obtain a graduate degree today, you are now official bearers of the Rady name,” Lujan said. “As you become successful, always look back to your Alma Mater, cherish what you’ve received, and assess all you can give back.”

The event concluded with remarks from Dean Sullivan honoring and congratulating the graduates on their hard work.

“To our graduates: today you join an elite group of approximately 1500 Rady alumni who continue to make measurable, positive impact both locally and around the world,” Dean Sullivan said. “Our entire Rady School community celebrates and congratulates you; we are so proud of all of your accomplishments.”