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On Amir Appointed As Associate Dean for Student Experience


On Amir, Professor of Marketing at the Rady School of Management at UC San Diego, has been appointed to the newly created position for Associate Dean of Student Experience. “This role was created to affirm the Rady School’s continued commitment to the highest level of excellence in all aspects of the graduate student journey,” said Robert Sullivan, Dean of the Rady School of Management.

“This new position will help guide the student experience by making sure that the students’ time at the school is well planned, coordinated and all pieces are in place at the right time,” Amir explained.

The position grows out of a period of benchmarking, program review and discussions among faculty, students and staff about how best to enhance and expand the Rady School’s excellence in academics and student experience. Amir also noted that an extraordinary student experience creates a community that lasts long beyond students’ time at the Rady School, which is key to having engaged alumni and a strong network.

Amir also will explore continuously updating programs and redesigning the curriculum to align with the changing and dynamic needs of business, and to increase community engagement with a focus on value creation.

Like the Rady School as a whole, Amir embraces innovation when it comes to his new role. “In the spirit of being data driven, we’re going to experiment to see what works best. Faculty, staff and students all have great ideas on how we can do things better,” he said.

Amir joined the Rady School in 2005 and has been recognized for his research, which focuses on using psychology, economics and data to develop successful marketing strategies. Amir earned his Ph.D. in Management Science and Marketing, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his B.S. in Computer Science from the Israeli Open University, Tel Aviv.