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Rady School of Management Faculty Webinars to Address the Business and Economic Challenges of the COVID-19 Pandemic



The faculty at the Rady School of Management are leading a series of webinars aimed at analyzing the ongoing challenges businesses face during the COVID-19 pandemic. Beginning Friday, April 24th and continuing for the next five weeks, distinguished faculty experts will deliver a free lunchtime webinar. The first webinar will discuss the “Four Stages of a Pandemic Response,” highlighting steps that individuals, business owners and the economy are moving through as we all experience the unprecedented global pandemic. This webinar will be led by Professor of Marketing On Amir, associate dean of the Rady School and chief behavioral officer at Fiverr, Inc.

“The human condition during a crisis is characterized by distinct psychological changes,” Amir said. “This webinar will examine these changes through observed marketplace behavior. I will also explore how data from a large global marketplace for digital services can reveal these changes in behavior and point to ways in which individuals and businesses can recover from the effects of the pandemic.”

The faculty webinar series will take place each Friday at noon from April 24th. Although the webinar is free, registration is required. Please register for the April 24th webinar at:


The second faculty webinar, scheduled for Friday, May 1st at noon, will feature Rady School Associate Professor of Marketing Kanishka Misra, who will address how stimulus checks impact consumer spending. Registration for that webinar is at: