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Alex Steiny Wellsjo

Assistant Professor of Economics and Strategy

Alex Steiny Wellsjo is an Assistant Professor of Economics and Strategy at the Rady School of Management. Wellsjo's research covers topics in applied microeconomics, with a focus on questions related to health and household finance. As a behavioral economist, she incorporates insights from psychology into economic models to better understand individual behavior. She is especially interested in applications that relate to performance at work, with insights for firms and individuals on how to effectively boost productivity.

Wellsjo received her Ph.D. in Economics from UC Berkeley and completed her postdoctoral training at the Haas School of Business.


Rent or Buy? Inflation Experiences and Homeownership within and across Countries with Ulrike Malmendier. Journal of Finance, forthcoming

Predicting Mid-Life Capital Formation with Pre-School Delay of Gratification and Life-Course Measures of Self-Regulation with Daniel Benjamin, David Laibson, Walter Mischel, Philip Peake, Yuichi Shoda, and Nicole Wilson. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2020, 179: 743-756.

Working Papers

Simple Actions, Complex Habits: Lessons from Hospital Hand Hygiene

Behavioral Economics
Applied Microeconomics
Health Economics
Household Finance
Organizational Economics