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Eric Floyd

Assistant Professor of Accounting

Eric Floyd’s research is focused on transparency regulation, healthcare reimbursement and field experiments in Accounting and Finance. His research is field-driven and policy relevant to be accessible decision-makers and applicable to solving real-world problems.

Floyd was awarded a Kauffman Foundation Research Grant and a PRIME Research Grant in 2015. He also received the Sidney Davidson Doctoral Fellowship, University of Chicago in 2013, the Charles T. Horngren Fellowship, University of Chicago, in 2011 and the Pichler Fellowship, University of Chicago in 2010.

Floyd earned a B.A. in Economics from the University of Chicago. He also earned an MBA and Ph.D. from the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business.


Floyd, E., Li, N., Skinner, D., 2015. Payout policy through the financial crisis: The growth of repurchases and the resilience of dividends. Journal of Financial Economics 118 (2), 299-316

Floyd, E., List, J.A., 2016. Using Field Experiments in Accounting and Finance. Journal of Accounting Research 54 (2), 437-475.

Christensen, H., Floyd, E., Liu, L.Y., Maffett, M., 2017. The Real Effects of Mandated Information on Social Responsibility in Financial Reports: Evidence from Mine-Safety Records. Journal of Accounting and Economics 64 (2-3), 284-304.


Working Papers

“When the Signaler Can Signal No More: The Case of MBA Grade Non-Disclosure,” (with Dan Lee and Sorabh Tomar)

“The Effects of Charge-Price Transparency Regulation on Prices in the Healthcare Industry,” (with Hans Christensen and Mark Maffett)

“Moving Beyond Unit Prices: Using Claims Data to Characterize Contractual Payment Arrangements between Health Plans and Hospitals,” (with Ellerie Weber, Chapin White, and Youngran Kim)

“Innovation Driven Startups and their Teams: Survey Evidence from Startups within Incubators” (with Daniel Fehder, Yael Hochberg, and Daniel Lee)


Works in Progress

“Assessing the Effectiveness of Entrepreneurship Education: A Randomized Control Trial” (with Daniel Fehder, Yael Hochberg, and Daniel Lee)

“Does Financial Reporting Quality Facilitate Credit Market Access? A Field Experiment Measuring the Effect of Accounting Services and Education on Lending Decisions” (with Esther Bailey, Hans Christensen, and Yael Hochberg)

“Encouraging Economic Activity through High-Tech Entrepreneurship: A Field Experiment in the West Bank” (with Rebecca Dizon-Ross, Dan Fehder, Yael Hochberg, Joshua Krieger, and Dan Lee)

Transparency Regulation
Field Experiments in Accounting and Finance
Healthcare Reimbursement