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Eric Floyd

Associate Professor of Accounting

Eric Floyd’s research is focused on transparency regulation, healthcare reimbursement and field experiments in Accounting and Finance. His research is field-driven and policy relevant to be accessible decision-makers and applicable to solving real-world problems.

Floyd was awarded a Kauffman Foundation Research Grant and a PRIME Research Grant in 2015. He also received the Sidney Davidson Doctoral Fellowship, University of Chicago in 2013, the Charles T. Horngren Fellowship, University of Chicago, in 2011 and the Pichler Fellowship, University of Chicago in 2010.

Floyd earned a B.A. in Economics from the University of Chicago. He also earned an MBA and Ph.D. from the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business.


Floyd, E., Li, N., Skinner, D., 2015. Payout Policy Through the Financial Crisis: The Growth of Repurchases and the Resilience of Dividends. Journal of Financial Economics.

Floyd, E., List, J.A., 2016. Using Field Experiments in Accounting and Finance. Journal of Accounting Research.

Christensen, H., Floyd, E., Liu, L.Y., Maffett, M., 2017. The Real Effects of Mandated Information on Social Responsibility in Financial Reports: Evidence from Mine-Safety Records. Journal of Accounting and Economics.

Weber, E., Floyd, E., Kim, Y., White, C., 2019. Peering Behind the Veil: Trends in Contracts Between Private Health Plans and Hospitals. Medical Care Research and Review.

Christensen, H., Floyd, E., Maffett, M., 2020. The Only Prescription is Transparency: The Effect of Charge-Price-Transparency Regulation on Healthcare Prices. Management Science.

Bertomeu, J., Cheynel, E., Floyd, E., Pan, W., 2020. Using Machine Learning to Detect Misstatements. Review of Accounting Studies.

Floyd, E., Lee, D., Tomar, S., 2023. Making the Grade (But Not Disclosing It): How Withholding Grades Affects Student Behavior and Employment. Management Science.


Working Papers

“The Impact of Crisis on the Risk Tolerance of Innovation-Driven Entrepreneurs,” (with Daniel Fehder, Yael Hochberg, Daniel Lee, and Esther Bailey

“The Role of Enforcement Action Uncertainty on Tax Compliance: Evidence from Three Experiments,” (with Michael Hallsworth, John A. List, Robert Metcalfe, and Ivo Vlaev)

“Monitoring Nudges and Tax Compliance: Evidence from a Field Experiment” (with Michael Hallsworth, John A. List, Robert Metcalfe, and Ivo Vlaev)

“Learning to Quit? A Multi-Year Field Experiment with Innovation Driven Entrepreneurs,” (with Daniel Fehder, Yael Hochberg, Daniel Lee, and Esther Bailey)

“Nonfinancial Disclosures and Polarizing Information: Field Experimental Evidence from a Carbon Offsetting Program,” (with Carina Fugger, Kathrine von Graevenitz, Martin Kesternich, and Michael K. Price)

Transparency Regulation
Field Experiments in Accounting and Finance
Healthcare Reimbursement