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Kenneth C. Wilbur

Sheryl and Harvey White Chair in Management Leadership, Professor of Marketing and Analytics

Kenneth C. Wilbur serves as a Professor of Marketing and Analytics and the Sheryl and Harvey White Chair in Management at the University of California, San Diego. His research on quantitative marketing and customer analytics draws rigorous, actionable insights out of large datasets for positive impact on markets. Most of his work analyzes data-driven phenomena in advertising and digital platform settings. He has also published contributions in economics, law, political science and psychology journals. His papers have been finalists or winners of 18 research awards.

Professor Wilbur serves as Associate Editor for Marketing Science and the Journal of Marketing Research and co-organizes the Workshop on Platform Analytics. CV and all published papers are available at

Representative Publications

Price Promotions, Beneficiary Framing, and Mental Accounting
Quantitative Marketing and Economics with Geoff Fisher, Matt McGranaghan, and Jura Liaukonyte

Designing Digital Ledger Technologies, like Blockchain, for Advertising Markets
International Journal of Research in Marketing with Mingyu Joo, Seung Hyun Kim, Anindya Ghose

Proxies for Legal Firearm Prevalence
Quantitative Marketing and Economics with Jessica Jumee Kim

How Viewer Tuning, Presence and Attention Respond to Ad Content and Predict Brand Search Lift
Marketing Science with Matt McGranaghan and Jura Liaukonyte

Do Firearm Markets Comply with Firearm Restrictions? How the Massachusetts Assault Weapons Ban Enforcement Notice Changed Registered Firearm Sales
Journal of Empirical Legal Studies with Meenakshi Balakrishna
Replication materials: Data and estimation code

Inefficiencies in Digital Advertising Markets
Journal of Marketing with Brett Gordon, Kinshuk Jerath, Zsolt Katona, Sridhar Narayanan, and Jiwoong Shin