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Kenneth C. Wilbur

Sheryl and Harvey White Chair in Management Leadership, Professor of Marketing and Analytics

Kenneth C. Wilbur serves as Professor of Marketing and Analytics and the Sheryl and Harvey White Chair in Management at the University of California, San Diego, where he teaches customer analytics and e-commerce. His research draws rigorous, actionable insights out of large datasets for positive impact on markets. He was recently named a Marketing Science Institute Scholar, described as "among the most prominent marketing scholars in the world."

Professor Wilbur’s research focuses on quantitative marketing and analytics. It also includes contributions published in advertising, economics, law, political science and psychology journals. His publications have been recognized with 14 research award finalist or winner designations, including winning the John D. C. Little Award for best marketing paper published in Marketing Science or Management Science. His research has been funded by the Federal Communications Commission, Google, the Marketing Science Institute, the National Collaborative on Gun Violence Research, WPP, Yahoo and others.

Professor Wilbur serves as an Associate Editor for Marketing Science and Journal of Marketing Research, has served on editorial review boards for Journal of Marketing, Marketing Letters, Journal of Advertising Research and Applied Marketing & Analytics, and was a co-editor at Information Economics and Policy. He serves as the VP of Electronic Communication for the INFORMS Society for Marketing Science.

Professor Wilbur interacts with companies frequently. He has partnered on academic research with Ace Metrix, Carnival, Dish, Fiverr, Google, Kantar, Kimberly-Clark, P&G, Rentrak, Revtrax, TVision Insights and YouTube. He has spent time in residence at Amazon and Google as a consultant. Other consulting clients include Citibank, Kaiser Permanente, LendingTree, MediaAlpha, RE/MAX and numerous smaller brands. Professor Wilbur also consulted on U.S. v. AT&T, which the New York Times called “the antitrust case of the decade.” He served as an unpaid advisor to the U.K. Competition and Markets Authority’s online platforms and digital advertising market study.Professor Wilbur joined UCSD in 2013. Previously, he held faculty appointments at Duke University (2009-13) and the University of Southern California (2005-09). He worked as a software engineer at Accenture prior to doctoral study at the University of Virginia.Full CV and all published papers are available at  

Representative Publications

M. McGranaghan, J. Liaukonyte, K. C. Wilbur. 2022. How Viewer Tuning, Presence andAttention Respond to Ad Content and Predict Brand Search Lift. Marketing Science,forthcoming.
M. Balakrishna, K. C. Wilbur. 2022. How the Massachusetts Assault Weapons BanEnforcement Notice Changed Firearms Sales. Journal of Empirical Legal Studies,forthcoming.
B. Gordon, K. Jerath, Z. Katona, S. Narayanan, J. Shin, K. C. Wilbur. 2021. Inefficiencies inDigital Advertising Markets. Journal of Marketing, 85 (1): 7-25.
M. Joo, D. Gauri, K. C. Wilbur. 2020. Temporal Distance and Price Elasticity: Empirical
Investigation of the Cruise Industry. Management Science, 66 (11): 5362-5388.
M. Joo, W. Liu, K. C. Wilbur. 2020. Divergent Temporal Courses for Liking Versus Wantingin Response to Persuasion. Emotion, 20 (2): 261-270.
M. McGranaghan, G. Fisher, J. Liaukonyte, K. C. Wilbur. 2019. Lead Offer Spillovers.Marketing Science, 38 (4): 643-668.
R. Du, M. Joo, K. C. Wilbur. 2019. Advertising and Brand Attitudes: Evidence from 575Brands over Five Years. Quantitative Marketing and Economics, 17 (3): 257-323.
R. Du, L. Xu, Kenneth C. Wilbur. 2019. Immediate Responses of Online Brand Search andPrice Search to TV Ads. Journal of Marketing, 83 (4): 81-200.

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