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Areas of Impact

At the Rady School of Management, we’re known for our hands-on, innovation-focused approach to business education and inspired by the cutting-edge research of our faculty. Help us transform our students’ experience and ensure their long-term success, enrich our campus and community, and spark research and discoveries that have the power to change our world. Learn more about our most urgent philanthropic priorities below. 

Student Support and Success

Graduate fellowships are critically important to ensuring that learning is affordable and accessible for all. Join us in fueling creative leadership and interdisciplinary innovation to empower the next generation of changemakers.

Fellowships for the Future
Rady School Graduate Fellowships

Enriching our Campus Community

The Rady School enhances the campus community by creating a symbiotic integration between faculty expertise, student opportunities for immersive learning, and connections to alumni and other leaders. From belonging programs for diverse students to cross-border partnerships and Rady’s centers of excellence, join us as we build an inclusive economy, facilitate local and global collaborations, and advance local industry.

Rady Alumni Fund
Belonging Initiative

Sparking Research and Innovation

The Rady School is a nexus for management research with economic impact. Rady faculty and scholars are uniquely positioned to translate discoveries from the life sciences lab or engineer’s workshop to impactful business applications. Our innovative educational opportunities accelerate the development of entrepreneurs through mentorship and engagement with industry leaders and investors.

Sullivan Institute for Innovation and Development current fund
Triton Innovation Challenge