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Let Data be Your Guide

The Rady MBA curriculum provides the analytical and theoretical frameworks for rigorous business decision making. Our world-class faculty teach you to identify and capitalize on new trends, ideas, and technologies. We emphasize innovation-driven industry sectors, especially those propelled by discoveries in technology and science.

Courses are Optimized for Online Learning

The Executive MBA is taught in a hybrid format, requiring only one weekend per month on campus and offers courses that are optimized for exceptional online learning. You will have access to the same curriculum and faculty as our other MBA programs, with the addition of elevated discussions and classroom experiences with fellow seasonsed leaders.   

Core Curriculum

Discover how Rady’s rigorous curriculum prepares students to compete in a data-driven world.

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Professor giving presentation
Professor giving presentation


Rady MBA electives are diverse and will deepen and enrich your education.

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Rady Action Project

The Rady Action Project allows students to explore a project of significance to them, assess what innovations are worth pursuing, and ultimately bring the strongest ideas to the marketplace.

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Sample Schedule

See examples of what your schedule of classes may look like.

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