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The Brandes Center's Knowledge Center offers research materials designed to help raise awareness among scholars and practitioners, challenge perceptions and, hopefully, inspire new research.

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Archived "Behavioral Finance" files:
Title Type Date
pdf-icon.png Couples’ Financial Risk Preferences May Lead to Divorce Article 06-01-2022
pdf-icon.png The Murtha Perspective Article 12-15-2021
pdf-icon.png Countering Behavioral Biases in Meetings Article 12-12-2021
pdf-icon.png The Power Game Article 09-10-2021
pdf-icon.png The Creative Spark Article 08-02-2021
pdf-icon.png Information Slippage Article 06-16-2021
pdf-icon.png Are Virtual Meetings Here to Stay? Article 03-19-2021
pdf-icon.png Building Trust Article 03-13-2021
pdf-icon.png A Brief Guide to Managing Home Country Bias Article 10-07-2019
pdf-icon.png Five Wealth-Destroying Biases Article 03-01-2019
pdf-icon.png Subpar Performance: the Value of Process Over Outcome in Golf and Investing Article 08-01-2018
pdf-icon.png Behavioral Biases and Fixed Income Article 03-01-2016