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Economist Ranks Rady School Executive MBA Among Top in the World


The Rady School of Management at UC San Diego was ranked 36th globally for its Executive MBA (EMBA) program by The Economist. The Rady School’s EMBA program, the FlexWeekend MBA program, received high marks for graduate salaries, career development, faculty quality and gender balance.

“The majority of The Economist ranking is comprised of the opinion of program students and alumni. With this ranking, it is clear they hold the knowledge and resources they gained in the FlexWeekend MBA program in high regard,” said Rady School Dean Robert S. Sullivan.

The Economist EMBA program ranking is based on a combination of factors including survey data reported by current students and program alumni, such as personal development, program quality, educational experience and career development. The ranking is also based on data points provided by participating schools including student diversity, faculty quality and student quality.

The Rady School FlexWeekend MBA program is tailored to senior-level working professionals who want to amplify their business acumen and gain entrepreneurial skills to enhance their careers. FlexWeekend MBA students typically have the most years of work experience of any Rady School cohort and have the largest percentage of students who have advanced degrees, such as M.D. and Ph.D.s, when they enter the program. There are many examples of FlexWeekend MBA graduates who have started successful companies that have revolutionized industries and improved communities. Go Green Agriculture, founded by Pierre Sleiman (FW MBA ’13), has become an innovative leader in the hydroponic farming sector. Curtana Pharmaceuticals, founded by Gregory Stein, M.D. (FW MBA ’06), is working on groundbreaking discoveries to treat brain cancer. Inogen, co-founded by Byron Myers (FW MBA ’10), created a portable oxygen delivery system giving increased mobility to oxygen-dependent individuals. Ashley Van Zeeland, Ph.D. (FW MBA ’12), co-founder of Cypher Genomics, helped shepherd the company through its acquisition by Human Longevity. Ciara Kennedy, Ph.D. (FW MBA ’06) is the president and CEO of Amplyx Pharmaceuticals and co-founder of Lumena Pharmaceuticals, which was acquired by Shire. Richard Castle (FW MBA ’13) founded Cloudbeds, a software company radically changing the hospitality industry.

“Our EMBA program students and alumni are extremely successful and have significantly contributed to the innovation economy in San Diego and around the globe,” said Sullivan.

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