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Hyoduk Shin

Jimmy Anklesaria Presidential Chair in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Professor of Innovation, Information Technology and Operations

Shin’s research interests include forecast information sharing and investment in supply chain management, competitive strategies under operational constraints, economics of information technology, software and digital goods, release strategies in the motion picture industry and innovation in supply chains.

Shin has been published in numerous journals, including Information Systems Research, Operations Research and Manufacturing & Service Operations Management. He won the best paper award of Conference on Information Systems and Technology (2012) for the paper “Cloud Computing: Implications on Software Network Structure and Security Risks” with his co-authors, Terrence August and Marius Niculescu. He is a recipient of a 2011 Management Science Meritorious Service Award and Lieberman Fellowship from Stanford University (2006-2007).

Prior to joining the Rady School, Shin was an Assistant Professor at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. At Kellogg, he won Chairs’ Core Course Teaching Award. Shin earned a Ph.D. from Stanford University, a M.S. in Statistics from the University of Chicago and an M.S. in Management Engineering and B.S. in Industrial Engineering from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.


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Working Papers

Khanjari, N., S. Iravani and H. Shin, (2022) “Information Sharing in Supply Chain of Durable Goods,” 2022, Working Paper.

August, T., D. Noh, N. Shamir and H. Shin, (2022) “Cybersecurity Investment and Information Sharing among Competing Firms,” Working Paper.

August, T., D. D. Dao and H. Shin, (2022) “Managing Profitability Under Capacity Restrictions in the Entertainment Industry,” Working Paper.

Lee, J., J.K. Ryan, H. Shin and D. Sun, (2022) “The Impacts of a Non-Profit Intermediary on Drug Shortages,” Working Paper.

The pharmaceutical supply chains and the healthcare industry; Drug shortages

Collaboration and information visibility in supply chains

Forecasting and innovation investments in supply chains

Cyber-security and Open source software

The motion picture and entertainment industry