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Harness the Power of Data and GenAI

Harnessing the power of data and GenAI is a critical skill for both the current and future workforce. GenAI technologies like large language models (LLMs) have the potential to drive unprecedented business value and efficiency. The Rady MSBA program, with its GenAI-assisted curriculum, provides rigorous, hands-on training on how to unlock data to solve the most pressing business challenges facing companies. Transforming data into insights that can enhance decision-making is a key requirement for businesses of every size, across all industries.

Aeshah Hadges
“Our classes use data, models, theory, and experimentation as part of the learning process. Conceptual models and theory are powerful tools to help organize your thinking around a particular business problem.”- Vincent R. Nijs, Associate Professor of Marketing, Associate Dean of Academic Programs, and Co-Director of the Master of Science in Business Analytics Program

Core Curriculum

Discover how Rady’s rigorous curriculum prepares students to compete in a data-driven world.

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Flex MSBA Curriculum
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Rady MSBA electives allow you to focus your educational experience on your interests and goals.

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Capstone Project

Work in teams and experience the full lifespan of a business analytics project with Rady School industry partners.

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Geisel Library
Geisel Library

Sample Schedule

See examples of what your schedule of classes may look like.

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