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Advancing Your Career in Business Analytics

The Rady FlexWeekend MSBA will help you refine your career goals and advance, or pivot, your professional path. You'll see immediate results as you apply your in-class learning to your day-to-day in the office. You'll meet incredible classmates from a variety of industries who will spark new ideas, help you brainstorm creative solutions to difficult problems and cheer you on as you juggle work, life, and school together.

You will spend 17 months in the FlexWeekend MSBA program, but the knowledge, skills, network and personalized guidance will serve you for your entire career. FlexMSBA students receive career support from the Rady School Career Management Center through personal coaching and an array of programs and resources. Whether you are looking to accelerate in your current company or pivot to a new job function, a collaborative cohort, engaged alumni network and career resources available even after graduation ensure that you will be able to reach your short- and long-term goals.

FlexMSBA Students have secured offers from these companies Titles of accepted offers
  • Data Scientist Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Technical Program Manager
  • Business Operations Manager

Industries include finance, defense and space manufacturing.

Srikar Gunisetty
“I was able to land an offer right after the Capstone project. Coming from a non-tech background, I attribute my placement entirely to the skills and knowledge I gained during the FlexMSBA program.”- Srikar Gunisetty, FlexMSBA '22 - Lead Data Scientist with Discover Financial Service
Brooke Matson
“The best thing the FlexMSBA will do for me is teach me a skillset that will deliver results for years to come. I am learning analytics skills that make me a competitive candidate for many analyst roles in the future.”- Brooke Matson, FlexMSBA ‘23 - Principal Budget Analyst, Northrop Grumman
Elliot Dean
“The skills and knowledge you gain from the FlexMSBA program have been directly applicable to my work at Southern California Edison, and have helped me to become a more effective and efficient data analyst. I have become much more confident in my data science skill set.”- Elliot Dean, FlexMSBA ‘23 - Data Scientist, Southern California Edison