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Rady School Faculty

* Not accepting doctoral advisees.
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Economics and Strategy

The Economics program provides students a strong foundation in economic theory and analysis with a focus on behavioral economics and experimentation. Students develop research projects independently and with faculty that include laboratory experiments, field experiments, data analysis and theory.

  • Uri Gneezy
  • Anya Samek (Ph.D. Program Director)
  • Sally Sadoff
  • Marta Serra-Garcia


The Marketing Ph.D. program is organized into two tracks: Consumer Behavior and Quantitative Marketing. Consumer Behavior research focuses on understanding consumer’s decision-making in a variety of important marketing settings through experimental research. At Rady, we draw on psychology, behavioral economics and neuroscience to study issues ranging from charitable giving to everyday purchases. Quantitative Marketing researchers typically analyze large datasets using state-of-the-art computer science and econometric techniques.

  • On Amir
  • Rachel Gershon
  • Ayelet Gneezy
  • Karsten Hansen
  • Uma Karmarkar
  • Wendy Liu
  • Kanishka Misra
  • Vincent Nijs
  • Robert Sanders
  • Kenneth Wilbur

Innovation, Technology, and Operations (ITO)

The program in Innovation, Technology, & Operations Management trains individuals to conduct pioneering research that uses theoretical, data-driven or empirical analysis to advance our understanding of innovation and operations in the modern firm. The program positions a graduate with the experience and expertise needed to achieve an outstanding academic career.

  • Terrence August
  • Sanjiv Erat
  • Danqi Luo
  • Vish Krishnan
  • Hyoduk Shin
  • Robert Sullivan*
  • Zhe Zhang
  • Kevin Zhu


The management area focuses on the study of how individuals and groups behave and interact within organizations. Topics of study include cooperation, creativity, emotion, empathy, gender representation, judgment and decision making, power and social hierarchy, rationality, social cognition, and social psychology.

  • Elizabeth Campbell
  • Craig McKenzie
  • Lisa Ordóñez, Dean*
  • Christopher Oveis
  • Tage Rai
  • Yuval Rottenstreich
  • Pamela Smith


Financial economics encompasses a broad area of topics and issues, including corporate investments and financing policy, security valuation, portfolio management, the behavior of prices in speculative markets, financial institutions, and intermediation.

  • Bradyn Breon-Drish
  • Snehal Banerjee
  • Joseph Engelberg
  • Carlos Fernando Avenancio-León
  • Jun Liu
  • William Mullins
  • Michael Reher
  • Allan Timmermann
  • Richard Townsend
  • Rossen Valkanov


The Accounting program focuses on the design and management of reporting systems. The program embraces solid economic foundations in the analysis of current accounting problems, builds knowledge from all areas of the social sciences and involves close supervision by the Rady School accounting faculty. Topics can include accounting institutions, measurement, theory of accounting standards, auditing, machine learning and structural estimation.

  • Eric Floyd
  • Mario Milone
  • Gerardo Pérez Cavazos