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Ph.D. Financial Support

Rady provides a combination of employment and fellowships/stipends to all admitted Ph.D. students over five years of study. Students are offered funding through teaching assistantships, research assistantships and fellowships, based on their topic and year of study. RA (also called GSR) and TA appointments are typically 25 percent service (10 hours per week), require registration as a full-time student and are contingent upon continuing satisfactory academic progress and employment performance. TA/ RA employment at a minimum of 25 percent entitles doctoral students to partial tuition and fee remission and student health insurance coverage. In addition, students are automatically considered for departmental fellowships/stipends when they submit their application for admission and are notified of their award when they are accepted into the program.

Residency Information

All eligible students are encouraged to apply for California residency for tuition purposes as soon as possible. Admitted students are provided additional information about how to apply for residency and referred to the Register’s Office for further details.

Non-Residents (International and Non-California Resident Students)

International (if you are neither a U.S. citizen nor a permanent resident of the U.S.) and non-California state resident students are responsible for their non-resident supplemental tuition and registration fees (NRST) after five years in the program. Rady pays NRST fees for years one and two and students advance to candidacy in year three. Once students advance to candidacy, the University waives NRST for nine quarters in the standard academic year, not summer, (approximately three years), but students must continue to meet the eligibility requirements. 

Once an international applicant has received an offer of admission, he/she must indicate in a financial statement the amount and source of the funds he/she will use for graduate study in the United States. This form is forwarded to international applicants upon their admission. Written evidence of sufficient financial resources must be provided before visa forms will be issued.

Students (including international students) are often fully supported by a combination of teaching/research assistantships, grants and fellowships/scholarships. Acquiring these funds is important and often involves joint efforts among the student, the school and faculty advisers.

Questions regarding the international applicant financial statement should be addressed to the Graduate Division.