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Professor Chyung

Hands-On Learning Opportunities

The Rady School is committed to providing opportunities for action learning for our MBA students, and our curriculum involves students in team-based projects in various courses. The school works actively with companies who have projects and are interested in our students.

Students complete projects for academic credit under faculty supervision in several formats.

Capstone Project: Rady Action Project

This course sequence focuses on "idea to marketplace" and engages student teams in evaluating the commercial potential of business opportunities. Project ideas must be significant market opportunities in the science and technology sectors including sustainability and social enterprise innovations that have a base in science or technology. Projects sponsored by companies and research institutes are often of interest to students and the school.

Rady Venture Fund 

Gain experience conducting due diligence into startups with the opportunity to invest real funds into promising ventures. Graduate students (only) must be enrolled in MGT 496 A/B. Read more

Independent Study

MBA students may engage in Independent Study under the direction of Rady faculty. Most Independent Study projects are proposed by companies or nonprofit organizations. Faculty agree to supervise student teams on specific projects based on their educational value for Rady MBAs.

Personal Interest Projects

Some Rady electives include projects. Such courses often allow students to identify companies for their required projects. Learning objectives are specific to the particular course and instructor.

For Partner Organizations

If your company has a specific need and would like the assistance of a Rady MBA student team, please contact us and we will work to match you with a student team.


If your organization has a project that does not fit within our 10-week quarter framework or that could be accomplished by an individual student, you may wish to post it as an internship. Many Rady MBAs take on short-term, part-time internships during their academic program, as well as full-time during the summer between the two years of the Full-Time MBA program.

If you have an internship opportunity, please contact the Career Management Center so the Rady School team can share it with our students.