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Employee ownership can transform a company, improve performance, and accelerate growth. It can create a sustained competitive advantage, driving business success that builds wealth for founders, investors, and employee shareholders alike. We serve companies interested in the employee ownership business strategy, business owners looking to transition out of their companies and professional advisers who want to better serve their clients by gaining employee ownership knowledge.

We also provide comprehensive compensation studies for executives and Boards of Directors.

Success with a strategy of employee ownership springs from three critical factors: 

  1. An ownership program must provide a level of ownership with significant potential results for its employees.
  2. It must build a company culture in which employee-owners feel, think and behave like owners.
  3. Employee-owners must be well-informed of the company’s operations and their role in the company’s success. 

We can help you make the most of your employee ownership plan by consulting on the design and installation of effective education and communication programs.

Consulting Questionnaire

For Companies

At the Beyster Institute, we help business leaders build and maintain the kinds of employee ownership programs that turn employees into partners in the enterprise and sustain a high level of business performance. We offer unbiased, reliable guidance for the purpose of helping you get the best results from employee ownership. Start your employee ownership journey by submitting our questionnaire to request a consultation, which will give us an idea of how we can help you.

The Beyster Institute is nationally recognized for its expertise in the effective practice of employee ownership. Our senior consultants each have more than 30 years of personal experience in this field — time enough to have worked in a wide range of industries and with companies of every size. While we bring the intellect and expertise that you would expect from an institute associated with one of America’s leading universities, our work also is firmly grounded in the real-world experience of employee-owned companies nationwide.

To create the employee ownership program appropriate for your company, Beyster Institute consultants employ a three-phase approach. 

  • Phase 1: We work with company leaders to define the organization’s situation and goals.
  • Phase 2: We use our proprietary forecasting model to illustrate the effect of a range of strategies that address your objectives. 
  • Phase 3: We help you select the exact tactics required to implement your employee ownership program. 

The Beyster Institute brings decades of experience to the tasks of overseeing the selection of legal counsel and other advisers, interacting with accounting and appraisal professionals, and coordinating the activities of all advisers to ensure that the plan you designed is the one you get.

The Beyster Institute also offers proprietary programs to help engage your employee-owners in fun and effective ways. Education is critical in helping your employees understand the benefits of ownership and embrace the responsibilities it brings. You’ll see a difference in your employees, and in your stock price.

For Business Owners Looking to Transition out of Their Company

Confronting the challenge of ownership transition can be the most daunting phase of an entrepreneur’s career. The good news is that our nation’s tax laws provide the ESOP (employee stock ownership plan), a specially designed, highly attractive arrangement by which business owners can sell ownership stakes to their company’s employees. This type of arrangement provides unique flexibility and is supported by extremely generous tax subsidies that make it possible for both a selling owner and the acquiring employees to come out ahead.

The Beyster Institute’s experts have helped hundreds of business owners sell ownership stakes to their employees. It’s a path that keeps the company intact and independent while providing a structured transition that allows the remaining management team to take the company forward toward continued success. Owners have great latitude to choose when this will happen, how quickly the ownership will be transferred, and on what terms.

Want to know more? Tell us a little about your company and we’d be happy to provide a free initial consultation regarding your succession options.

For Professional Advisors

We are dedicated to sharing our employee ownership expertise with lawyers, accountants and other business consultants who may be unaware or uncertain of the significant value employee ownership can bring to their clients. We also collaborate with employee ownership experts who contribute their specialized knowledge to our educational offerings and publications.

We offer opportunities to reach others in the employee ownership field through speaking and sponsorship activities at our events and at the Employee Ownership Annual Conference.

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