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About the Atkinson Behavioral Research Lab

Research conducted at the Atkinson Behavioral Research Lab (Rady Behavioral Lab) helps advance the study of business and economics at the Rady School and has the potential to guide business practices across myriad industries. The Rady Behavioral Lab is the only lab of its kind in San Diego. 


The following Rady School faculty members are part of the Rady Behavioral Lab team.  

On Amir

Elizabeth Campbell

Sanjiv Erat

Ayelet Gneezy

Uri Gneezy

Uma Karmarkar

Vish Krishnan

Wendy Liu

Craig McKenzie

Christopher Oveis

Tage Rai

Yuval Rottenstreich

Sally Sadoff

Marta Serra-Garcia

Charles Sprenger

David Schkade

Pamela Smith

Research Assistants

Research assistants are extremely valuable to the ongoing work and continued research performed at the Rady Behavioral Lab. 

The lab is always interested in motivated undergraduate students who will volunteer to assist with research. Research assistants are able to gain experience in a variety of activities. They also are able to help run experiments and assist with the recruitment of research participants across the UC San Diego campus. An interest in behavioral research is essential and previous experience is a plus. 

Research assistants are volunteers and do not receive any financial compensation. They are expected to commit approximately three to five hours a week to lab activities.

Anyone interested in volunteering can contact the lab manager at to learn more. Applications are considered on a rolling basis.