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Finance Minor

The Rady School’s Finance Minor will provide students with an educational experience that emphasizes the sound fundamental financial concepts necessary for success in the industry and for preparing them to begin a challenging and meaningful career upon graduation. The Finance Minor develops current knowledge that firms are seeking in areas like sustainable investing, financial modeling and forecasting, private equity and new venture finance, along with sound fundamentals of corporate finance, investment banking, and financial accounting. A minor in finance can be applied to a broad range of careers, as every industry has a finance function. Courses build skills related to both personal and business financial management.

The Finance minor can be declared in combination with any major or minor.

You may declare a minor through Tritonlink by using the Major/Minor Tool. For more information on how to declare, please visit our main Rady Advising page.

Minor Requirements

The minor consists of 28 units that provide breadth of content spanning all areas of finance. The requirements include one required core course (4 units) and six elective courses (24 units). 

In order to complete the Finance Minor, students must comply to the following:

  • Take all Finance minor classes for a letter grade.
  • Earn at least a C- in each course used for the minor.
  • Only two lower-division courses (8 units) may be taken for the Finance minor.
  • At least five classes for the minor must be taken at UC San Diego.
  • Finish the minor with an overall minor GPA of 2.0
  • You can use two upper-division courses (a maximum of 8 units) to fulfill the requirements for a minor that have also been used to satisfy the requirements of a major. There is no limit for lower-division courses.
  • You can't use an upper-division course to satisfy the requirements of more than one minor.
  • Read the Academic Senate policy on minors (section E).

Find the list of tentative Rady classes for the academic year on the undergraduate webpage.

To plan your Finance Minor courses, please visit our Resources page to access the Rady Program Requirements Sheet.

Finance Minor Courses

Required Course – Choose 1 (4 units)

  • MGT 180/R. Business Finance
  • MGT 181. Enterprise Finance

Elective Courses – Choose 6 (24 units)

  • MGT 12. Personal Financial Management
  • MGT 45. Principles of Accounting or ECON/MGT 4. Financial Accounting and MGT 5. Managerial Accounting
    • Both ECON/MGT 4 and MGT 5 must be completed to apply as one elective for the Finance minor.
    • Students who choose to use ECON/MGT 4 and MGT 5 as one elective for the Finance minor must send Rady Advising a message through the Virtual Advising Center (VAC) so that their degree audit can be updated.
  • MGT 183. Financial Investments
  • MGT 184. Money and Banking
  • MGT 185. Investment Banking
  • MGT 187. New Venture Finance
  • MGT 189. Topics in Finance
    • May be taken up to three times if the course is a different topic each time it is taken.
  • MGT 157. Real Estate Securitization
  • MGT 158. Real Estate and the Tech Sector
  • MGT 148. Mergers and Acquisitions
  • MGT 137. Financial Statement Analysis
  • MGT 176. Strategic Cost Management
  • MATH 193A. Actuarial Mathematics I
  • MATH 193B. Actuarial Mathematics II
  • MATH 194. The Mathematics of Finance


Current UC San Diego students: Please submit your questions via the VAC and an advisor will respond in 1–3 business days.

Non-UC San Diego students: Email us at