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Marketing Minor

Effective marketing requires understanding customer needs, the ability to offer appropriate solutions that the customer can find, understand, trust and access, and then price those offerings to align all relevant parties’ economic incentives. Rady’s Marketing Minor emphasizes both solid theoretical foundations and hands-on skill development, and builds on foundations laid in business analytics, computer science, economics, psychology and statistics. Every business, government and nonprofit enterprise involves some component of marketing.

The Marketing minor can be declared in combination with any major or minor.

You may declare a minor through Tritonlink by using the Major/Minor Tool. For more information on how to declare, please visit our main Rady Advising page.

Minor Requirements

The minor consists of 28 units that provide students with a broad choice of topical interests. The requirements include one required core course (4 units) and six elective courses (24 units). 

In order to complete the Marketing Minor, students must comply to the following:

  • Take all Marketing minor classes for a letter grade.
  • Earn at least a C- in each course used for the minor.
  • At least five classes for the minor must be taken at UC San Diego.
  • Finish the minor with an overall minor GPA of 2.0

Find the list of tentative Rady classes for the academic year on the undergraduate webpage.

To plan your Marketing Minor courses, please visit our Resources page to access the Rady Program Requirements Sheet.

Marketing Minor Courses

Required Course – Choose 1 (4 units):

  • MGT 100. Customer Analytics (4) (New)
    ● MGT 103. Product Marketing and Management (4)

Elective Courses – Choose 6 (24 units): 

  • MGT 100. Customer Analytics (4) (if not chosen above)
    ● MGT 102. E-Commerce (4)
    ● MGT 103. Product Marketing and Management (4) (if not chosen above)
    ● MGT 105. Product Promotion and Brand Management (4)
    ● MGT 106. Sales and Sales Management (4)
    ● MGT 107. Consumer Behavior (4)
    ● MGT 108R. Applied Market Research (4)
    ● MGT 109. Topics in Marketing (4)
    ● MGT 112. Global Business Strategy (4)
    ● MGT 153. Business Analytics (4)


Current UC San Diego students: Please submit your questions via the VAC and an advisor will respond in 1–3 business days.

Non-UC San Diego students: Email us at