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Seyi Oshinowo

A Decade of Impact:
Seyi Oshinowo's MBA Journey

From the Rady School of Management to Global Operations at Meta

Proud alum, Seyi Oshinowo, MBA '14, reflects on the 10 transformative years since he received his Rady MBA and marvels at the whirlwind of experiences that have shaped his professional journey.

When Oshinowo began his MBA at Rady, he immersed himself in the rigorous coursework, honing his analytical skills. These skills would then help to propel him to his current role as a Global Operations Project Manager at Meta. The quantitative focus of his studies at Rady prepared him to navigate the many complex professional challenges ahead.

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Oshinowo’s family is originally from Nigeria. “My family sacrificed a lot for me and my siblings," said Oshinowo. “And now I just want to give back and be able to help solve other people's problems, and that's something that I do in my work every day.”

His family’s sacrifices helped to fuel his drive, and now, he channels that energy into solving real-world problems.

Enhancing Employee Well-Being at Meta

In his current role, he collaborates with Meta’s facilities, culinary, and security teams. His mission? To improve the quality of life for Meta’s employees. Two critical challenges dominate his agenda:

  1. Cafeteria Efficiency: Oshinowo analyzes wait times in Meta’s bustling cafes. Armed with data, he strategizes ways to streamline the experience. Should they open additional stations? Ensure ample food availability? His goal: seamless, efficient service.
  2. Desk Allocation for Hybrid Employees: The office landscape has evolved, and hybrid work models are the new norm. Oshinowo tackled the desk dilemma head-on. His innovative solution? An app that allows employees to reserve desks in advance. Now, thousands benefit from a smoother in-office experience.

As Oshinowo witnesses employees embracing these changes, he knows he’s making a difference.

A Focus on Innovation and a Smaller Cohort Drew Him to the Rady School

Oshinowo was visiting his cousin, a student at UC San Diego, when he fell in love with the campus and came upon the Rady School.  "I was drawn to its focus on innovation and smaller cohort size, not to mention the breathtaking San Diego views.”  He also honed his communications skills taking part in the many presentations the Rady School requires of its students, which has become a vital asset in his career. “I remember at Rady we had to do presentations all the time," Oshinowo recalled. "Every week we had to understand how to deliver a message to other people who may not be as familiar with the product or as familiar with the effort as you are.  I also need to be able to influence people who I don't have authority over. So, learning those tactics from classes at Rady and being able to apply it every day has been a game changer for me, because I'm able to understand how to connect with people, how to build relationships with people, and how to deliver results as well.”

His stint with the San Diego Padres during his Rady days not only broadened his professional horizons but also helped him fulfill a personal milestone—he has visited all 30 Major League Baseball stadiums. His next goal?  “I am going to the Olympics in Paris! I set my mind to it and made it happen - I’m excited to take part in the festivities this summer.”

Looking ahead, Oshinowo aspires to share his journey through panels and speaking engagements, especially to inspire individuals from underrepresented backgrounds.

As an active Rady alum, Oshinowo hopes to instill a sense of commitment in current students, encouraging them to contribute to the institution's legacy through mentorship, engagement, and philanthropy. "Rady has provided me with invaluable resources and connections," he reflects. "I want others to experience the same and pay it forward."